Wyoming C.S. Schools

University of Wyoming: Graduates from UWYO explore a variety of different aspects of computer science; 3D-user interfaces and graphics, virtual environments, evolutionary robotics, and human-computer interaction. They also create and construct new approaches to the ever changing computing technology and find creative new uses for technology already present in other discplines such as business, medicine, and science.
Traditional careers for computer science graduates include work in graphics, software engineering, networks, databases, multimedia and artifical intelligence.

Central Wyoming College: An Associate of Science in Computer Science exists at CWC, as it is a community college. The education received in the program prepares students to attend a four-year university with baccalaureate degree program.
Studies include numerical calculations, network analysis, graphics, modeling and simulation, parallel computation and artificial intelligence.
There is also a degree specifically for computer technology, intended for people with minimal experience and knowledge of PCs.
Additionally, a certificate program exists for more experienced students, ones who either have work/experience in the computer industry or have had other coursework in a computer science class.