Pennsylvania. C.S. Schools

University of Pennsylvania: A Penn Engineering degree in Computer Science provides students with an in-depth education in the conceptual foundations of computer science and in complex software and hardware systems. It allows them to explore the connections between computer science and a variety of other disciplines in engineering and outside. Combined with a strong education in mathematics, sciences and the liberal arts, it prepares students to be leaders in computer science practice, to create applications for other disciplines or research and to pursue an array of careers, advanced degrees or personal interests at the vanguard of technological innovation

Allegheny College: The computer science major and minor programs are designed to provide a solid basis in the principles of the discipline combined with practical experience in software systems design, implementation and analysis. The department currently offers two major programs and a number of minors. Each begins with a breadth-first introduction to computing, including programming and data structures, accompanied by topics from various programming languages, operating systems, and analysis of algorithms.