Minnesota C.S. Schools

Walden University: An online school, Walden offers a BS in Information Technology accredited by ABET, (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology), the recognized accreditor for colleges and universities and their STEM programs. It is one of the few online degrees to receive the accreditation. The validation implies that the course meets quality standards and ensures proper preparation for a career.
Optional specializations are possible; things such are healthcare informatics or information systems security can be specialized in, providing relevancy to one's personal and professional goals.

Bemjidi State University: Bemjidi offers two undergraduate majors and a minor in computer science, those being a BS in Computer Science, a BS in Computer Information Systems, and a Computer Science Minor.
The program instructs students into better understanding computers and how to create programs from algorithms. Topics such as game development and software engineering are explored.
There are programs available, offering opportunities for team projects that build technical, personal, and professional abilities.