Colorado C.S. Schools

University of Denver: There is a whole department of computer science at the University of Denver with a variety of different types of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD’s in computer science.
The Bachelor’s in Computer Science is strongly based in mathematics; it actually will acquire sufficient credits for a student to obtain a minor in mathematics. A second minor is also required, but may be of a type other than mathematics or computer science. A central study of the program is computer systems, both hardware and software, in order to understand how to execute algorithms, the basis of computer science.

University of Colorado Boulder: As typical of a four-year university, there is a Master’s, a Bachelor’s and a PhD for computer science. The Master’s program can either be a Master of Science or a Master of Engineering, both in Computer Science.
Undergraduate students study to develop skills preparing them for high-paying jobs. They’re given the opportunity to explore applications of computer science in other fields and have the ability to gain professional exposure through the Association for Computing Machinery on campus.
Degrees can be tailored to a student’s own interests. Specification can be focused around things such as computational biology as well as the computing itself.